The Tree of Life was made is less than 3 days for the LudumDare46 game jam.  

Theme: Keep it alive

All assets, music, sounds, and code were made during the jam period (the only exceptions were helper scripts and the one sound used).

The Tree of Life is a mini game about keeping a forest alive. The goal of the game is to grow and water defenses to to protect the tree of life against evil lumberjacks. 

NOTE: the game is meant to be played full screen in the browser.

Lumberjacks are attacking the forest and cutting down all the trees! The sacred Tree of Life lies in the center of the forest and it is your duty to save it.  Plant seeds and water them to grow defenses against the lumberjacks. Protect the Tree of Life at all costs! 

  • Move: W A S D
  • Action: Left MB
  • Jump: Space
  • Slot 1: 1
  • Slot 2: 2
  • Slot 3: 3
  • Slot 4: 4

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And a special thanks to my girlfriend for helping me come up with ideas for the game :)


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The Tree of 3 MB


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VERY FUN and nice! YAYYY

I liked it!