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In the near future... After humanity inevitably falls... Knowledge is the currency of the wealthy. Knowledge is the life blood of the survivors. Knowledge... Is power. A ruthless Monarch now rules the wastelands. Slay the Monarch's grunts. Gain their knowledge to obtain the location of the Monarch. Kill the Monarch. End his rule.

sci·en·tia - knowl·edge


This game was made in less than 10 days for bookajm

It is possibly, likely filled with lots of bugs

Please report any bugs in the comment section :)

Game play: 

Destroy glyph boxes and kill enemies to gain knowledge

Sneak up on unaware enemies to execute them by crouch walking and performing an execution

Use your rifle for long range engagements 

Some enemies become aware if they hear footsteps

Dying reduces your knowledge

If your knowledge drops below zero regardless of difficulty you hard reset

Transverse the map to find checkpoints 

Changing difficulty to hard removes re-spawns 


  • Attack: Left Mouse Button
  • Execution: Right Mouse button (must be crouching)
  • Switch to Rifle: 1
  • Switch to Sword: 2
  • Move: A & D
  • Jump: Space
  • Crouch: Control
  • Sprint: Shift
  • Pause: Escape


All assets not created by myself during the jam fall under creative commons with full right to use them.

Such assets not created by me include: All sound effects.

All art, code, and music was created by me.


Thanks for playing!



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