Out of CTRL was made in less than 48 hours for the GMTK2020 game jam.

Theme: Out of Controls

All assets, sounds, and code were made during the jam period (apart from basic scripts).

Out of CTRL is game about killing King Spacebar and his key minions, but there's a twist! This isn't your average dungeon crawler, your health is the amount of controls you have to move and attack. So as you lose health, your controls change and you must adapt your hands to the new position. Good luck!

NOTE: this game has not been optimized for browser play

You've been imprisoned by King Spacebar and he's stolen your mechanical keyboard to use as his throne! You must fight your way through his key minions and reclaim your mechanical keyboard. 

  • MOVE: W A S D
  • SWORD: 1
  • BOW: 2
  • ATTACK: Space

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This is why I love game jams! is an amazing proposal of game.

I really enjoyed playing this game but it was too easy !
Still loved the game :) Keep up the work!

Super cool concept with really innovative game play, good work!.

(1 edit)

Loved the idea! The game play was unique, I like how I'm being beaten to death by a q key while I'm trying to learn my new controls. The graphics fit the game really well. The game was short and sweet, just how I like it. The game play was fairly challenging, however, I noticed that all I needed to do for the enemies to not attack me was to spam space. This is because the sword pierces through multiple enemies. There really isn't a reason to use the bow, because of how overpowered the sword was, and I didn't really like that. Because of this, the boss battle was massively easier then it should've been. If you're still updating the game, maybe you could add some sort of horde mode, just to make the game longer. and/or better.

TL;DR: Game is great, sword is op.
EDIT: I just noticed that the sword goes through walls as well.

it's very hard to play, controls are changing every time, when enemy attacks to you. funny i like it

The keyboard as a health bar mechanic is super rad!  Nice visuals, very polished.  Excellent work!