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Neon Nightmare was made in less than two weeks for AMGJ.

All art and code assets were made during the jam period. Excluding a few helper scripts and GMS2 marketplace assets.

Some audio assets came from Zapsplat.com and the rest were made during the jam or are CC0.

All music was made by the talented @Jabbu.

Unfortunately the game remains uncomplete, but the themes and story elements are there. The gameplay is a bit lacking but we hope to make up for it with the visuals and music. 


Move  AD

Interact  X

Shoot  Left MB

Jetpack  SPACE


Neon Nightmare is about an exterminator who is hired to cleanup a genetic experiment gone horribly wrong. The game takes place in a neon soaked, cyberpunk city underbelly. 


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The atmosphere is nice, but it bugs me that you have to shoot and destroy every create that is in your way. The monsters jump so fast that you cannot react to them... you simply have to be out of reach, and that is very easy. After the first 2 rooms I didn't even care about killing them, I just jet pack to the next door.

Super cool game! Made you a lil video:

i loved it!!!! Hope you make this into a full game later on

This was fun as hell and I'm choked there's not more of it


Odlična kratka igrica, nadam se da ćete proširiti igricu na više razina i veću priču, jer je odličan koncept i tema, hvala na gradnji te sretno na gradnji ostalih igrica ili nešto poput ovakve!

Very cool, but very short

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I like this game, its not as scary as I thought it would be (which is a good thing) but I enjoyed the gameplay a lot. Quite a short time to develop the game but you guys nailed it, good shit!

Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, the music was great, and the environment and other sound effects were also great, the way the enemies jumps around is pretty scary too, great job :)

Thanks for playing!

Action packed, spooky, 2d game with insane atmosphere and pixelated art. Loved it. 
Hope to see more from the developer! Good Job.

Thank you!

THIS WAS MADNESS! I really loved how intense the gun sound were in this im not going to lie! Had  great time with this! Hope you enjoy :D 

There won't be a full game, but it's worth playing :).Made video

Fun game, liked the aesthetic :) wished there was more 


Good Game, wish there was more.

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I recommend to play the game then watch the video to avoid spoilers!!!

This game looks beautiful & colorful the 2d Run and Gun genre doesn't get enough love and this one made it a little better. There is a bit of story with the game and when you kill the enemies man its satisfying. Unfortunately the game is short this serves more like a demo and I hope we get an update soon with more levels and areas to conquer. I RECOMMEND THE GAME try it it's good stuff.

Possible content update for the feature, thanks for playing!


Glad you enjoyed it!

Very cool game!

Thanks for playing!

Gonna try it! 

This looks very cool! Cant wait to play!