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Apocalypse Online was made in less than 48 fours for GMTK5.

All art and code assets were made during the jam period. Excluding a few helper scripts.

Some audio assets came from Zapsplat.com and the rest were made during the jam or are CC0.


Move  WASD

Interact / Exit Computer  X

Fullscreen  F11


Apocalypse Online is a story about Sally, a young girl staying joined together with her best friend through their favorite internet game, Star Hearts! Little does Sally know, the bio-apocalypse is unfolding right before her innocent eyes...

How to Play

Get as many points as you can while playing Star Hearts! Be sure to keep your connection with Annie healthy or you will die. If you hear the stairs creak and you aren't hiding from the "Boogeyman", you will die. Have fun!


Do NOT play this game if you are prone to seizures.


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remind me the kio adventure


Dobra igrica i tema, koncept i zvučni efekti su dobri, te je odlična za zabavu, sretno sa gradnjom ostalih igrica!


But all jokes aside

this game is good

Awesome art style and game concept. The death noise is bone chilling!

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been checking out all your games lately they are all really well made visually and mechanically for the amount of time you make them , hopefully you make a full fledged game you are pretty dang good at game development

Was pretty fun! The sounds were defined and there was enough time to get into the closet, also liked how you can sprint away from the creature if you time it right. Also the details all around the house was really cool! Even how each floor had a hiding room. Would definitely be interested in seeing more to this story in the game as it seems super interesting and really intriguing.

Thanks for playing and making a video! I really appreciate the in depth feedback

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what game engine did u used 

Game Maker Studio 2


Great and fun game. 


So of course now that you have an Amiga 1000 at the top of this page you'll have to code an Amiga OCS version. haha

Does the game have an end?


No you just get as high a score as possible 



But for real this game is pretty cool, just very easy once you know how it works.

Thanks for playing! Unfortunately I wasn't able to flesh out more of the house.